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Pug Rocky

DOB21. Juli 2010
OwnerSabrina T.
Height33cm – 12.9in
Weight9,5kg – 20lbs
coatEm/Em ky/ky ay/ay B/B D/D S/S



Once the famous Loriot said “a life without a pug is possible, but pointless“, because the pug has a very unique nature that distinguishes it from many other dog breeds. And yes, that’s true.

Rocky is the kind of dog that comes into your life when you want a furry friend for Christmas but send your wish list to Satan instead of Santa.

On the one hand he is a lovable, funny clown with his heart in the right place and on the other hand a little devil who suddenly finds everything, but also everything sh…. and shows this openly: other dogs, men, animals, moped rollers, tractors… the list could go on forever what disturbs his inner Chi and (according to him) has no right to exist on this earth.

Again, he is a true charmer who can accompany you everywhere and loves to lie snuggled up close to his human. A little treasure who especially warms the hearts of women and children by showing his best side: good-natured, funny, cuddly and ready for any mischief. The main thing is to be the centre of attention and blessed with treats. Suddenly he can do a thousand tricks..

Just Mummy’s little darling ♥️