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Welcoming a Tamaskan puppy as a new member of the family is very special, because a puppy brings new life into the home and turns – after surviving puberty 😉 – into a lovable friend & companion.

However, when considering getting rid of a dog, you should also inform yourself about the calculable and unpredictable costs to avoid nasty surprises.

How much a dog costs per month depends on the size, breed and health of the animal: For food, about 50 to 100€ are to be estimated. Veterinary costs for young, healthy dogs are about 20€ per month, for serious illnesses many times more.

In addition, depending on the country / state additional costs for the annual dog tax and the contribution of a dog liability insurance. In addition, some federal states require a dog license and registration in the central dog register (e.g. the state of Lower Saxony).


Animal Health Insurance | Surgery Insurance

Pet health insurance helps defray the cost of routine checkups and vaccinations. Whereas a pure surgical cost protection insurance only covers the costs in case of a necessary surgery.
With a pet health insurance policy go
routine examinations and vaccinations. While a pure operation cost protection insurance covers only the costs with a necessary OP.
With an animal health insurance some advantages go along: If the domestic animal falls ill, the insurance takes over the treatment costs. Who decides for the conclusion, often waits with the veterinary surgeon attendance not so long as owners, who would have to take over the costs themselves. The animal is helped more quickly and an early diagnosis may prevent secondary diseases. In addition, the animal companion receives the best possible treatment, as the owner can disregard the question of costs due to the insurance. For humans and animal thus crucial advantages result. (Source:

Costs: approx. 15 – 100€ monthly

Care | Accommodation

You have to go to the hospital due to illness, have an emergency in the family, want to relax on a well-deserved vacation without your four-legged friend, or your dog simply can not stay alone, then only professional dog care will help.

Costs: the cost of dog boarding is somewhere between 20 and 60€ per day. Prices vary depending on the region and type of accommodation.


Attending a good dog school can prevent serious problems from occurring in the first place, especially with dogs that are still young. Also, sporting activities such as pulling dog sports, obedience or mantrailing should always take place under the guidance of professionals….

Cost: Depending on personal preference and region, the cost of these can vary greatly. Good puppy courses, which are important for everyone, are usually available from 40 to 80€ per month. Dog sports often take place in clubs and that much cheaper, usually 50 to 200€ annually.

Attention: In contrast to commercial dog schools and dog trainers within sport associations not of the §11 of the TierSchG subordinate. This means that club trainers do not need an examination or permission to work with dogs. Therefore, you should always make sure that the club of your choice is a competent trainer and works in accordance with the animal protection law.


GPS trackers are small tracking devices that help locate your dog live on a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.
If your Tamaskan has a strong desire for freedom and/or hunting instinct, then the purchase of a GPS tracker would be advisable.

Costs: GPS trackers cost on average 6 – 12 € per month.


Costs: from about 200€ (without the car box)


Since the majority of Tamaskans in have their origins in Nordic as well as wolfhound breeds, some specimens can literally mutate into little Houdinis. And there is no limit to their creativity, as Siberian huskies in particular are known to be amazing escape artists, as they can chew through, undermine or jump over fences with ease.

Costs: Please keep in mind that a new fence for your own property can sometimes cost several thousand euros.

last but not least:

Puppy Price

This is currently (as of 08/23) for a Tamaskan puppy at 1500€ to 3000€. A higher price is not a guarantee for quality, but only the free pricing of the breeder.