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Breeding Goals

The cherry blossom, also called Sakura, has been admired by many people for thousands of years and is still one of the most important symbols of Japanese culture today. Some sources indicate that the famous Asian tradition has been practised since the 8th century B.C. and was intended to figuratively sharpen the samurai’s eye for the value of the moment in the here and now.

Sakura is derived from saku, which can be translated as “to blossom” or also as “to smile in turn”. Therefore, the Japanese cherry blossom symbolically stands for beauty, departure and transience.

Now you are rightly wondering what connection the short excursion into the tradition of Japan has with a tamaskan cultivation, other than that the people behind Sakura Tamaskan have a passion for Asian culture & tradition – especially Japan 🙂

Tamaskans today are as diverse as the different cherry blossom species, belonging to one genus, yet quite different in outward appearance and character. Their wolf-like appearance, their intense gaze and their dignified, graceful manner also trigger a similar fascination in owners and followers; in the scene they are then referred to as “tamified”. And so, at the beginning of 2019, both passions combined: Sakura Tamaskans was registered in the Tamaskan Dog Register (TDR) & International Tamaskan Register (ITR) as a kennel name. And since 2023 also in the Nederlande Tamaskan Club (NTC) as well as in the Northern Inuit Wolfalike Association (NIAW) as an outcross with my Tamaskan Dogs.

In our subjective opinion, health should never be a pure breeding goal, but an indispensable requirement, so Sakura Tamaskans has made it her personal mission to produce dogs that are more obedient and athletic than the average Tamaskan Dog. They tend to be slightly smaller and lighter than others in order to be able to lead them in dog sports adapted to the dog’s preferences.

Therefore, we place great emphasis on the selection of our breeding dogs and take care to carefully pair them responsibly in order to breed a Tamaskan that is close to standard, healthy, active and especially strong in character.

Our own dogs, as well as the selected males, are fully-fledged family members, which are integrated 100% into everyday life due to their character traits and fulfil all the criteria of a companion dog to the full extent.

A Companion Dog should be distinguished above all by its people-oriented nature. It should be very affectionate and loyal by nature. Thus, they can easily integrate into the family and want to spend as much time as possible with their humans.

Companion Dogs should be rather frugal when it comes to sports and general exercise. Nevertheless, they are considered eager to learn and need regular physical and mental exercise.

To achieve our breeding goal, we only mate our females to healthy, selected males that have a friendly, easily trainable character and an open nature. We also take epigenetic factors into account: i.e. not only the character of the selected male plays an important factor in the decision but also a look at his entire bloodline (siblings, parents, grandparents). In this way we always strive to improve the wonderful Tamaskan breed.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!


Mata ne,

Sakura Tamaskans