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InuYasha Litter

*** Waiting list full ***

the parents


our foundation female


The search for a male for our 2nd litter turned out to be more difficult, because the chosen one must meet our expectations to the fullest extent: athletic, wolf-like extrieur with a slender build, long legs and in addition a simple, easily manageable character.

Both parents are almost* free of all testable hereditary diseases, have an EMBARK profile and evaluations of HD A, ED 0, LüW and ECVO eye examination including gonioscopy.

*Dino is DM carrier

The "InuYasha" litter:

On January 22nd at shortly before 9 pm, the first fat puppy arrived and then it was a long night until the early morning.
Unfortunately – and it still hurts – the little male (no.8 ) didn’t make it 😭 Big thanks as always to Vincent’s owner & vet Janaina, who was on the spot immediately and did everything possible ♥️ Thank you from the bottom of our hearts 🌈
And here are the little ones in order of birth:
🩷 Sakura Kagome
💙 Sakura Miroku
🩷 Sakura Kikyō
💙 Sakura InuYasha
💙 Sakura Shippō
🩷 Sakura Sango
🩷 Sakura Izayoi
💙 Sakura Sesshōmaru 🌈
💙 Sakura Kōga